Strategic Video Production

Content is not all the same, and often we just have one chance to deliver our message, so let's make it count by crafting the right digital media campaign that delivers results.

Make it Amazing

Not only you'll get a masterful crafted video message, but we'll make it visually irresistible. Let's keep them engaged and immersed with the campaign and foster a culture of quality content.

Marketing the Right Way

Having a great digital campaign needs to be accompanied with the right way to make visible. We'll go the extra mile to draft the best way to reach our audience.

Awards & Nominations

Some of the achievements through my career.


Corporate About

About my Work.

Passionate senior multimedia producer, offering results driven, and video first, marketing campaigns for nonprofits and private sector organizations. Professionally working with full stack video production since 2004, partnering with a diverse group of people and organizations while travelling around the World to produce award winning video campaigns with a purpose.

  • Award winning video producer.
  • Seasoned studio and field cinematographer.
  • Motion graphics and animation specialist.
  • Impecable work ethics and profissional conduct.

Companies that used my services

From Hollywood documentaries to content marketing campaigns for all size agencies.

Celebrity Campaigns

Creating mass influential content with remarkable people.

Business Projects

Business Case Studies!

Media can make or break your brand, so let's polish things up.

Client Feedback

Clients Feedback

The love is mutual.

Michelle Cho

Creative, thought-provoking, and skillful approach to production and editing has made him my top choice for all of my video needs for over a decade...

Michelle Cho

Documentary Producer & Celebrity Rep
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